This month at Get it Girl was all about making portraits of the women in our lives that inspire us most! We chose to illustrate all kinds of women that we’ve been inspired by from cultural icons to our families and even each other! We also have a little surprise this month – we’re featuring guys! And not just one, but three amazing male artists sharing with us their personal female inspirations.

We are also proud to dedicate our November illustrations to the #heforshe gender equality movement and empower both men and women alike to stand together for women’s rights, recognition and equality. More info about HeForShe here!

Guest Collaborators


“I’ve always found it very hard to draw a real life person but when I was invited by Get it Girl to draw an inspiring woman I knew I wanted to draw Dorothy Ashby, so here it is! If you’re not familiar with her, she was one cool cat. A great jazz harpist and composer who really established the harp as an improvising jazz instrument. When I’m in need of some jazz vibes she’s one of my go-to artists. Her music always put me in a good creative mood and I play it daily in my studio.


“When Get it Girl mentioned ‘Inspirational Woman’ as the theme my mind didn’t have to go far. I was raised by and surrounded by 5 exemplary women who continue to inspire me till this day… my momma, two older sisters and two nieces whom are all inspirational to me in their own ways. They also all happen to wear pants. Go figure!”


“I didn’t have to think too much to pick Xoana as my most inspirational woman. Aside the fact that she’s super talented I wanted to describe her strength as a person and as an artist, coming from far away to a new land where she had to deal with different obstacles like language and the distance from her loved ones, she managed to develop as an amazing professional, my best friend and the love of my life!”

Theme: Inspirational Woman
COLLAB Color: Forest Green


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